The Finer Touch is a medical spa focused on bringing healthy beauty and an improved lifestyle to clients North Texas. Created under the medical leadership of Dr. Carol Norton and nurse practitioner Cori Poovey from Women’s Health Associates, a long standing practice in Richardson, Texas The Finer Touch provides aesthetic procedures with the same professionalism and expertise that you will find in their medical practice. With more than 20 years of caring for women and nearly 10 years in the medical aesthetics field, our staff has an in-depth and unique understanding of women. We’ll help you achieve your goals in a realistic and beautiful manner.

The Finer Touch provides a wide range of procedures including a wide range of laser procedures, medically directed weight loss and diet programs, liposuction and injectable procedures. We can help you identify which options are the best choices to accomplish the end results you are looking to see while keeping your budget in mind.

You can rest assured that the knowledge, medical experience and professionalism you find at The Finer Touch will be above and beyond other practice in North Texas.

The Finer Touch

ASLMSThe Finer Touch is a proud Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. ASLMS insures members adhere to ethical advertising and business standards.

The passage of time and exposure to sun can cause your unique beauty to diminish. Using advanced cosmetic technology under the guidance of experienced medical doctors, we reverse wrinkles, remove blemishes and restore shape and tone. We help you feel beautiful again. Call 972.388.1155 or email us.