Custom Touch Liposculpture - the personalized liposuction solution designed especially for you.

The Finer Touch understands that your body is unique and that means each person's beauty needs are unique, too. That's why we offer Custom Touch Liposculpture™, our innovative liposuction technique that allows us to combine the best of PureLipo™ and body jet™ to provide you the most effective body sculpting treatment possible.

As with all our liposuction procedures, Custom Touch is minimally invasive, with no anesthesiologist or lengthy recovery time.

Best of all, through Custom Touch Liposculpture™ you can harvest tissue for transfer to other areas of your body for true body sculpting.

From helping to fill in wrinkles and make your face and hands appear younger to lifting, firming and shaping other areas of your body, Custom Touch Liposculpture is the key body sculpting treatment for re-shaping you.

The Finer Touch is the originator and innovator of this exclusive liposuction technique.

Get all the benefits of today's latest liposuction alternatives customized to your personal needs and let us help you sculpt your body and achieve your goals. You'll be amazed at the slimmer, sleeker you.

Providing a more effective option to laser liposuction in Plano, Richardson, Dallas and all of North Texas. We invite you to stop by our Richardson office or call 972.388.1155 and learn more.

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Custom Touch liposuction and body sculpting, Plano, Dallas, Richardson, Texas

The Finer Touch
Liposuction Dallas, Body Sculpting, Richardson, Texas
Get your body back. The fat is gone with Custom Touch Liposculpture – personalized liposuction and body sculpting designed for you. Get the details by calling us at call 972.388.1155. Or, stop by our office for a free consultation! We're in Richardson – south of Plano and just north of Dallas, Texas.