How do I schedule an appointment?
Just give us a call at 972-388-1155. It's that simple.
What if I don’t know what treatment is best for me?
Everyone is different. From skin rejuvenation treatments to liposuction procedures, it's always best to have a free consultation. Our trained aesthetic practitioners will examine your skin and body, review your personal history and advise you on the best course of action for the best outcome for you. She may recommend a skin analysis, which enables us to see within your skin and find out exactly what aging and sun exposure have done to the vitally important deep skin layers. Or, a body sculpting procedure with our Custom Touch Liposculpture may be the best fit. Whatever the recommendation, we'll sit down with you and discuss it in detail so you are well informed and comfortable making a decision.
Is this covered by insurance?
At this time, we do not accept insurance assignments.
Do you accept credit cards?
Absolutely. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and the Care Credit Card as well as most bank debit cards.
How long does the procedure take?
You will be advised you about the number of treatments and the time involved during your initial consultation. You’ll also be informed about possible recovery time, if any.
Can I give someone a gift certificate?
Yes! You can purchase gift certificates either for specific treatments or for a specific amount that the recipient may use for any product or service.
When are you open?
Mondays 9-5:30
Tuesday 9-5:30
Wednesday 9-5:30
Thursday 9-5:30
Friday 9-3
Later appointments by request only.
Where are you located?
The Finer Touch is in the heart of Richardson, just north of Dallas, south of Plano, and a few freeway minutes from most of North Dallas County. We're located just west of Central Expressway on Campbell Road in Medical Plaza II, Suite 412. Hint: just follow the hospital signs.

The Finer Touch

The Finer Touch