Relief from urinary incontinence including nighttime and stress incontinence.

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A patient recently came in for a laser hair removal procedure and saw our information on Genityte. "You guys can help with incontinence? Without surgery? That sounds like a dream," she said. She went on to explain that since the birth of her third child, she had issues with incontinence, especially when she exercised. Six weeks later, we're pleased to announce that this same patient is now training for her first marathon without fear of needing to make 'frequent stops.' Ask us about how Genityte can change your workout schedule.

Urinary incontinence is an inconvenient and embarassing procedure for some women. The Finer Touch is proud to provide Genityte, NEW treatment for women who suffer from urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and rectal tone... without surgery. Be sure to check out Dr. Carol Norton's video interview on Genityte on DFW's Top Docs.

The medical staff at The Finer Touch is proud to be the only certified provider of the GENITYTE procedure in North Texas. Our doctors have trained directly with Dr. Julie Reil at her facility and have developed the expertise to help women to resolve urinary leaking and restore confidence.

No matter if the problem is stress incontinence or nighttime incontinence, GENITYTE strengthens the tone of the urethra, rectum and surrounding tissues to provide women with a tighter seal for better control. Best of all, GENITYTE works without surgery or lengthy down time.

The innovation of Dr. Julie Reil, GENITYTE achieves results through biostimulation of the treatment area with an in-office procedure using the same laser technology that The Finer Touch uses for skin rejuvenation.

The benefits and results speak for themselves. After GENITYTE, patients experience:
  • Improved urinary control when lifting, sneezing and improved holding when the bladder is full
  • Decreased frequency of urinary urges including during sleep cycles, reducing nighttime incontinence problems
  • Improved vaginal wall, rectal and perineal tone
  • Greater freedom and confidence to re-gain the life you've always known

Women now have a new option to deal with urinary incontinence. Contact the patient consultants at The Finer Touch at 972.388.1155 or go to to learn more.

Genityte at The Finer Touch

Genityte at The Finer Touch
The Finer Touch offers Genityte, a new treatment for women with urinary incontinence including nighttime incontinence and stress incontinence
Nighttime urinary incontinence is a common problem facing many women today. GENITYTE is a treatment that provides relief from women's nighttime incontinence. And, it's offered here at The Finer Touch. Contact us or visit our office to learn more about Genityte. It works on all types of women's incontinence issues including stress incontinence. The Finer Touch is close to Dallas in the Richardson and Plano area. We'd be honored to earn your trust.