The passage of time and exposure to sun can cause your unique beauty to diminish. Using advanced cosmetic technology under the guidance of experienced medical doctors, we reverse wrinkles, remove blemishes and restore shape and tone. We help you feel beautiful again.
Custom Touch Liposculpture is the personalized liposuction package designed especially for you. Combine with a wide range of cellulite treatment options to rejuvenate and restore a slimmer and smoother you.
  • Custom Touch Liposculpture™liposuction personalized for your body's needs
  • PureLipo™ – a revolutionary advance in liposuction
  • Synergie – deep aesthetic massage
  • BioTE® Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
    As we age, we all begin to suffer from hormone imbalances. We can help return that balance with BioTE hormone replacement pellet therapy. Enjoy greater mental clarity, decreased body fat, enhanced energy levels and increased libido. Age healthier and live happier!

    Healthy Weight Loss FROM THE FINER TOUCH
    Shed weight fast, safely and permanently! The medical staff at The Finer Touch now has TWO weight loss program options to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We continue to offer our MediSlim HCG weight loss regimen, an HCG Diet that includes comprehensive medical supervision, HCG protocol, diet management and training on healthy living. We also have the exclusiveMediSlimMD program that integrates a medically assisted diet program with a unique behavioral alteration approach. Losing weight fast and keeping the weight off has never been easier.

    Not sure which weight loss program is best for you? Try The Challenge and we will customize a COMBINATION program unique to your needs.

    All of our laser resurfacing treatments are done using topical anesthesia and occasionally nerve block injections depending on the area. Still, some patients feel anxious especially for deep resurfacing. So, we have developed an oral sedation protocol that can be added as long as the patient has transportation available after the procedure. Relax while our staff removes the years from your skin. We are the first spa in North Texas to offer this stress-free alternative.

    From skin tightening to procedures that restore skin's original soft suppleness, skin rejuvenation treatments counter the effects of sun damage and aging. Learn more about photofacials.
    Click the links below to see before and after photos in our gallery.
    – Acne Therapy before and after
    Laser technology offers a less painful alternative to waxing and shaving.
    Reduce the unsightly presence of spider veins.
  • Laser vein treatments
  • Let our skin care specialists help guide you in selecting products and cosmetics to slow and reverse the effects of time.
  • Antioxidant products
  • UV protection
  • Cosmetics
    While aesthetics are important, beauty starts from within. The Finer Touch is pleased to offer these gynecological procedures for that inner beauty – no surgery required. Watch our videos for more information.
  • Genityte® – Treating women's urinary incontinence issues including stress incontinence and nighttime urinary incontinence.
  • Labiaplasty
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    Have a question about our Services? Ask the Doctor about our liposuction, HCG diet and skin rejuvenation treatments or any other service we offer. Custom Touch Liposculpture is personalized liposuction combining the best of the PureLipo™ and body jet™ liposuction. Our MediSlimMD and MediSlimHCG diet programs can help you lose up to 1 pound per day. So, Ask the Doctor, call 972.388.1155 or email us for more.