"During a physical exam in March, my doctor told me my blood pressure was too high and that one of the most important steps I could take to lower it would be to lose weight. I had tried many diets before, had read numerous books on weight loss, and had listened to more weight loss advertisements than I could ever remember, but I still didn’t know or believe in a plan to reduce my weight.

Recently, my wife had successfully used the MediSlim HCG diet at The Finer Touch to lose 20 pounds, so I scheduled an appointment to discuss the HCG program with Dr. Carol Norton. She had also lost a significant amount of weight using HCG and she looked great. After meeting with Dr. Norton, reading the MediSlim HCG program literature, and researching it online, I was very comfortable with the program since it had been in use for over 40 years and was proven safe and effective. I saw how young and slim my wife looked, so I was ready to get started. It was critical that I lose weight and lower my blood pressure.

Taking the HCG injection each morning was quick, easy, and painless. I was truly surprised that I could eat such a low calorie diet and not be constantly thinking about being hungry. Sure, there were times I was hungry and wanted more food, so I typically ate some fruit, particularly oranges and grapefruit. I followed the program pretty closely and looked forward to the weekly weigh-ins at The Finer Touch.

After five weeks, I had lost 17 pounds and my blood pressure had dropped significantly! I looked and felt younger and healthier. My clothes fit loosely and I was now wearing old clothes that hadn’t fit in years. I have gone back to eating a more normal diet for the last 5 weeks and have only gained back 1.5 pounds. It worked for me and I am planning on using the MediSlim HCG diet again soon to lose another 8 to 10 pounds. I can’t 'weight' to get started!!!"

– Steve Thomas

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